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Complete Lawn Care Inc is you first choice for landscape construction in St Louis. Our landscaping services include rock gardens, mulch installation, plant and tree installation, retaining walls and more. Construction of your landscaping project requires study and observation. Landscaping in St Louis will vary according to different regions. Complete Lawn Care is familiar with all the local natural soil types and grasses. Hiring a professional landscaping company in St Louis is highly recommended if being done for the first time. Understanding the site your landscape project is one of the chief essentials for successful landscaping, retaining walls, and flower beds. Natural features like terrain, soils type, soil qualities, prevailing winds, depth of the frost line, sun light and the existing system of native flora must be taken into account. In order to landscape your St Louis lawn or commecial property, the land must be reshaped in some way or form. This reshaping of land is called grading.

Complete Lawn Care, Inc. offers our professional landscape services in Ladue, Clayton, St. Louis, Hazelwood, Florissant, Ballwin, Frontenac, Richmond Heights, St. Louis City, and Town and Country.

Professional Landscaping Results

Landscaping is both science and art, and requires a professional eye and design skills. Complete Lawn Care Inc understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly. Your landscape project will be beautiful to look at, while having a minimal impact to the existing flora and terrain. A rock garden can add an interesting feature to the front or side of your home. Our mulchng services can be the perfect place to begin planting your new garden, or used to highlight a particular area of your lawn. In addition, retaining walls can add a large visually attractive space that not only serves as a planting area, but also to hold back lawn slopes and soil.

St Louis Landscape Maintenance

Once your new landscape project is complete, the next step is maintaining it, to keep it looking like the day it was constructed. Complete Lawn Care Inc offers St Louis landscape maintenance services, to keep your landscape healthy, and looking beautiful. View our landscape maintenance services here.


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