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Complete Lawn Care Inc provides weed control for St Louis residential and commerical lawns. Weeds can be a tricky thing to get rid of. Generally, weeds thrive on all the conditions that your lawn doesn't. Soil and dirt that is dry or full of moisture, thin or bare lawn patches, underfed or unfertilized grass, etc. These are the best places in your lwan that weds will thrive and conquer. By hiring Complete Lawn Care Inc in St Louis to manage your lawn's health, this is the first step in keeping weeds from taking over.

Complete Lawn Care, Inc. offers our weed control services in Ladue, Clayton, St. Louis, Hazelwood, Florissant, Ballwin, Frontenac, Richmond Heights, St. Louis City, and Town and Country.

Keeping Weeds Under Control

When hiring a professional lawn care company like Complete Lawn Care Inc to take care of your St Louis weed control problems, you get years of professional experience of battling weeds and poor lawn conditions at your disposal. We employ a in-depth anaylsis of the problem, that go beyond spraying down some weed killer and hoping for the best. Look throgh some of the methods we apply to keep weeds from taking over your lawn.

Mowing Height

Most people think that a yard that looks like a putting green is healthy.The truth is, by mowing higher, your lawn grows deeper, stronger roots. By using slightly higher mowing heights, we can help your lawn grow thick and healthy. A thicker lawn chokes ot the areas where weeds can start, and will help weed problems from beginning.

Proper Fertilization

By putting your lawn on a proper fertilization program, we help your lawn develop healthy roots and blades. By starting in the spring, around the first time we start to mow, this allows your lawn to begin the growing cycle of the year properly.This is gereally followed by a late summer, fall, and November feeding to keep your lawn strong throughout the year. If weeds have already begun in your lawn, we can apply a mixture of both a fertilizer and weed killer mix, to get rid of the thngs you want to get rid of, while keeping and nurturing the things you want to stay.

Proper Watering Schedule

Lawns need water, this is a known fact. The little known fact is that the wrong watering cycle can actually do more harm than good. A good deep watering should be applied about once or twice a week. Too frequent, top level lawn watering doesn't do much good for your lawn, and can propmote weed growth. Watering too much can also create water pools, or saturation, inviting water-loving weeds to set up shop and begin to spread.

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