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Snow Removal Florissant and Hazelwood

Complete Lawn Care, Inc., we deliver premium snow removal services to commercial locations in Florissant, and Hazelwood, MO. We are a reputable company that is available to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Since time is of the essence when it comes to snow removal services we have restricted our service area to Florissant and Hazelwood. This allows us to be most efficient with our routing and thus being able to get to our properties quickly, with minimal delays due to traffic.

We offer Complete Snow and Ice Management services including: Snow Plowing and Salting of parking lots as well as snow shoveling, snow blowing and Ice melt applied to your walk ways.

We generally schedule a walk-through of the property before providing an estimate that way we can better understand your wants and the needs of your property: including where to relocate the snow, obstacles to avoid, at this time we would also discuss hours of operation and areas of top priority. We may feel the need to mark the boundaries of your lot with poles to help guide us through the lot on the deeper snow falls.

Our pricing varies from property to property but we would provide you with an estimate for your specific property. Our Snow plowing is priced by the push based upon the depth at time of service (for example 1-3 inches or 3-6 inches ) Salting is set price per application. Sidewalk snow removal services are based on an hourly rate as those time can vary based on the amount of snow and type – is it 1 inch of snow that can be blown with a leaf blower, is it 2 inches of ice that has to be hand chiseled or is 8 inches of snow.

Please call us or request an estimate online and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs for commercial snow removal in Florissant or Hazelwood, MO.

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Complete Lawn Care, Inc. offers snow removal services and snow preparation (salting and spraying) for commercial properties and lots in Florissant and Hazelwood.

Commercial Snow Plowing In Florissant and Hazelwood

If you are looking for snow plowing in St. Louis, Missouri, contact Complete Lawn Care, Inc. today. We provide Florissant, and Hazelwood with snow removal services. Don't forget us in the warmer months, we also offer lawn care, lawn maintenance, lawn fertilization and landscaping in your area as well.

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